Best Kids Party Music Playlist

If you’re a parent or a kid’s entertainer in London you might be wondering what music is best to play at a kids party? Different music works for different parties and it can be difficult to know what is best for the type of party.

1 year old party

Generally speaking at these parties there will children of a variety of ages so some general party music would be best suited. This can be current chart music or more classic party songs that are great for all ages including being suitable enough for the parents. Here is a playlist I put together of some of these easy party favourites.

2-3 year old party

These parties again might be children of more ages but at this age it is more likely that the child might have some similar aged friends perhaps from nursery. For this age range, depending on what kind of party you have agreed with the parents, you might want to focus more on nursery rhymes like these.

4-6 year old party

There are big variations in children’s development and you should always check what kind of party the parents would like but around the age of 4 or 5, kids start to like music and can really get involved. They might have favourite song requests which you should ask prior to the party or recognise the latest hit pop song but you should check this and consider an appropriate playlist. I tend to have a good mix of Disney songs and classic party songs. At the age kids can really get involved with action dances and songs like hokey pokey or the chicken dance and these other action dances.

7+ year old parties

As kids get to seven and older, they are still really quite young and often warm to classic Disney or Pixar songs but generally will want to hear classic pop songs and current chart toppers. If it is more of a disco party for pre-teen age then I would leave out the kids film songs but some like The Jungle Book I Wanna Be Like You can be silly and classic enough to be appealing to all ages, even the parents might not mind!

So whatever age you are entertaining it is first best to check with the parents before the party if they have special requests or an idea of the kind of tone they want. Some families want lots of high energy dance songs whilst others might want a quieter party where you might play more of background music whilst you play parachute games etc.

For most parties I would have a wide selection available but try and have some good favourites for all ages. Songs by Chic, Michael Jackson and other pop classics go down well with everyone. The parents should even enjoy a kid’s party playlist like this!

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