Learn How To Juggle Three Balls

Childrens party entertainers london and elsewhere might like some juggling skills to incorporate into their routine. Personally I rarely juggle at a kids party. I prefer to run a more lively party of music and dancing but as we all know with kids, some parties can start to get a little wild and as an entertainer you need to have some routines prepared that can be performed whilst the children sit and watch.

I have worked out my own juggling routine which is a mix of comedy and audience interaction. But before you perfect your routine you need to be able to juggle!

This tutorial is for complete beginners but even if you are reasonably skilled at juggling, sometimes it is good to go back to the starting line to observe and perfect your technique.

Firstly you want to juggle just one ball. I know, easy right? throw the ball gently from one hand to the other. You should be relaxed, smooth and steady. Cushion the ball each time as you catch it and you should be throwing it in a smooth arch up to about head height or higher.

It may sound silly but make sure you can do this smoothly in a relaxed manner before you move on to ball number two. You don’t want to be running around struggling to catch the ball. Keep it controlled so that your feet don’t move and you can almost predict the path of the ball. If you can do it with your eyes closed then you’re ready for ball number two.

With one ball in each hand you should throw the first one in exactly the same way as you did before and throw the second ball almost immediately afterwards. You should keep your elbows in and remember it’s all about control.

When people first do this they often rush and try to repeat the action very quickly. Remember this is not the same rhythm as when you are throwing three balls. So throw one, then the other, catch both and stop. You have performed the move!.There is no need to rush to repeat the move. Take a second and try starting with alternate hands until you have this move perfected before you move on to adding a third.

Now as we add the third ball we again want to start slowly and perfect each step. Most people find it easiest to begin with two balls in their strongest hand. If you start with two balls in your right hand for instance, throw one of the two in your right hand exactly the same as you have done before. Follow with the second ball from the opposite hand, throwing it under the first ball. And as you release this second ball be prepared to catch the first ball in your left hand and finally throw the third and catch each one.

If you threw and caught three balls that is your job done. You should congratulate yourself, you have learnt to juggle three balls! This may take a while to achieve but once you catch three, try catching four, then five and so on. One activity I still like to do is to make sure I do 100 catches before I ever start practicing tricks or any juggling. It gets me warmed up and into a flow. Once I have caught one hundred I can start being a bit more creative and trying lots of different moves.

I hope this tutorial was useful. Here is a youtube video that might help you and good luck with your juggling!

How to juggle three balls


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