Christmas Party Games!

November is over and whether you like it or not Christmas is very much on our doorstep with the town’s’ Christmas trees, markets and the advertising that is inescapable. Whether you’re planning a works Christmas party, school event or just a small family occasion you want to make Christmas magical for the little ones. Remember how much you believed in Santa Claus? It’s a magical time of year for children and you should do your best to make it as wonderful.

Here are some really useful party game ideas whether you’re a children’s entertainer Manchester, parent or party organiser. For more details click on the titles to go to the source for more information.

Pin the red nose on Rudolph

Easy, simple and self explanatory. All you need is a blind fold, some coloured paper and a pin or some Blu Tack. Fun to make and even more fun to play!

Christmas Candy Ball Game

This game to me, borrows from lots of old games I knew and loved. Effectively you make a big snowball/ice ball out of different layers of bubble wrap with sweets wrapped up inside at different intervals. You can use cling film but this can be ripped through too easily and it is most effective if you wrap lots of layers of something more sturdy like bubble wrap. You pass round the ball full of sweets along with a pair of dice.  

Those are two of the best games I found, based on similar games and how well they work at kids parties. Plus these are easy for parents to make and run if you want some activities for later on in the party once the entertainer has finished.

Here are some other useful links to party ideas for you all:

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