Bubble Games With Kids

Children’s entertainers London and beyond know that kids love bubbles! There are few other things that kids of such a wide age range love more. Whether it’s creating thousands of little bubbles, one large bubble or even the enchantment of a single small bubble to chase or pop, kids are infatuated! Discover some easy games below to keep the magic of bubbles alive!

As an entertainer, bubbles are an essential part of my party equipment. They can be used to both calm down a group of excitable kids and to get kids excited and running around if they seem bored or lethargic.

I like to take a bubble gun with me to all my parties but you can do these activities with traditional blowing bubble sets. When picking a bubble gun you can go for some impressive and expensive guns but I find the kind you find for £3 at your local toy store work just as well and you can afford to buy two or three of them should they break (even expensive ones tend to have short shelf life with the combination of batteries, water and kids!)

My first and favourite game sounds simple; pop the bubble! Ok, the best way to play this is to pick a favourite song to play and tell the kids you will be going round and they have to pop bubbles with either their little finger, nose, toes etc. mix and change it up quickly to make it more fun and get the kids confused and laughing. You can suggest silly suggestion like catch a bubble with your ear or tongue to get silly reactions!

The next game is the natural sister of the first game, avoid the bubbles! You can theme this however you like, for a superhero party pretend the bubbles are made of acid or a kind of kryptonite. Again go around the room and blow bubbles all around, you can run at the kids or keep it simple and even around the room. This game can be hilarious and is really so much fun but be alert and controlling so that no kids get hurt.   

The two obvious games above are great for both large and small groups of kids and really get the kids excited, they will have so much fun with these! The last game is a bubble race, this is a really good team game or you can set up several kids to compete with each other. They have to blow a bubble and try and get it to the other side of the room by blowing it. It is very difficult and probably best left to play with older kids. But the amount of concentration required can help calm kids down if the party has gotten particularly wild!

I hope you enjoy these bubble activities! Here are some other bubble activities you might want to explore:


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